how to prepare for reiki 1 attunement

There are several misconceptions about Reiki and what it is and isn’t very. It’s a form of home remedies which has a spiritual dimension. That doesn’t suggest that it’s a faith, or that it requires any special beliefs.

On the other hand, it is a alternative healing therapy. That means that reiki works with the whole you. Your own mind, body and soul are all linked, so there is no point in treating one area while neglecting the others. Within us all, and all around us, our company is touched by the universal life force. This particular has been recognised for centuries in eastern ethnicities and you may have heard of Ki, or Prana, or Chi. These are all different explanations of the same thing – the universal energy, or life force. Reiki remedy works with how to prepare for reiki 1 attunement this gentle, energy to facilitate balance and healing at all levels.

how to prepare for reiki 1 attunement

Regarding whatever reason, our energy flows can be brought out of balance. Sometimes we recognise this and we may feel “out of sorts” or “a bit unbalanced”. At other times we may well not take note. This particular misbalance will cause problems though, and it will manifest with physical symptoms. Maybe not immediately, but you will certainly feel the effects eventually.

A reiki practitioner can quickly and easily restore your energy flows and allow your body to heal itself. The reiki practitioner has been attuned, or linked, to the reiki energy and they will permit the energy, or reiki, to flow through them to wherever it needs to be. This can remove any blockage and allow your energy to get back into balance and flow freely again.

During a reiki session, the practitioner will place their hands on, or above, specific points of your body for a few minutes at a time. But there is no such thing as a typical treatment. The practitioner may use standard hand placements, or they could be drawn to certain areas of the body. During a treatment some individuals report feeling heat, or cold, or even seeing shades. Other people report feeling nothing at all. Most of these reactions are correctly normal and, in case you are not aware of it, the reiki energy will have done it’s work. Reiki is an intelligent energy and can always work for the highest good of the person acquiring the treatment. In contrast to some other energy therapies, where the practitioners have to build the energy on their own, the flow of reiki energy is unlimited and, as an added bonus, the practitioner receives the benefit for the energy flowing through their body.

I have used the word treatment a lot, but I would not want you to feel that reiki should be seen as a substitute for conventional treatments. It works by promoting balance and harmony in the body and a Reiki practitioner will never diagnose or offer to treat specific conditions. Somewhat, reiki works by supporting the body to recover itself.

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